Steel Stack design software. This software is leased on an annual basis. There are two main options available with the software:

License Type:

Single User - This version is to be installed on a single users computer. It can be activated/deactivated up to six (6) times per year.

Network - This can be installed on as many computers as you wish and one user per license can be using the software at a given time. If you are interested in a network license please email for a quotation.


Standard: Self Supported - Used to design/analysis self supported (Free standing) stacks. The module performs a linear analysis and can also consider rigid lateral supports, such as bracing to a building.

Pro: Self & Guy Supported - In addition to all of the features of the Self Supported module, it also allows the user to consider guy wire supports on the stack. The program performs a non-linear analysis of the stack and guy wires, and also a permits the user to perform a non-linear p-delta analysis on self and guy wire supported stacks.
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Option Details
MecaStack Std - Single User License - 1 Year [MS-NSS]
New License for a Standard Single User License for use 1 year from the date of purchase. A single user license entitles the software to be installed on a single computer.