This software calculates wind loads per ASCE 7 "Minimum Design Loads on Buildings and Other Structures."

Supported Calculation Types:
- Main Wind Force Resisting Wystem (MWFRS)
- Components & Cladding (C&C)

The software has the capability to calculate loads per:
- ASCE 7-22
- ASCE 7-16
- ASCE 7-10 (version dependent)
- ASCE 7-05 (version dependent)
- Florida Building Code 2022 (version dependent)
- Florida Building Code 2017 (version dependent)
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Option Details
Annual Standard Network [MW-ASN]
Startup Fees: $0.00 (Setup Fee) + $450.00 (Yearly Fee) = $450.00 Total
Recurring Fees: $405.00 per Year Click here for non-recurring option

- Each network license entitles the software to be installed on unlimited computers.
- Each network license entitles the software to be used by 1 person at a time.
- Licenses will auto renew yearly (every 365 days).
- You may cancel your service at any time without prorating.